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AI Readiness Workshop

Providing you with guidance, support and understanding of what to consider to prepare yourselves to deploy AI solutions within your function and organisation successfully. 

Carefully designed after 3 years of research in the practical application of AII within organisations. 

Below is a range of benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Affirm or re-affirm your understanding of AI and the core terminology used

  • Gain a good understanding of what GenAI is and, specifically,  how it relates to L&D

  • Build awareness and understanding of the 10 core L&D focus areas to consider when looking to prepare you, your teams or your functions for an AI solution.

  • Walk away with clear actions across the 10 core areas that you can do straight away to prepare your team and function for AI.

  • Build confidence to talk about AI, AI solutions and what you need to consider back in your organisation.

  • Be able to consider how AI will impact your function and your current solutions, enabling a forward-thinking approach to AI, not reactive. 

  • To bring a sense of understanding to AI and to answer questions that you may have.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone working as an L&D professional who is planning to implement an AI solution.


  • Jonathan Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist - LPI


  • 3 hours 


  • £345 + VAT

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