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Specifically designed and tailored to help you, the learning professional, your L&D teams, and learning tech providers get the most out of AI. Whether you're looking for a beginner's introduction to AI or an in-depth masterclass, we have various options to suit your needs. 



AI in Learning

Our AI in Learning Masterclass equips L&D professionals with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate AI into learning strategies, ensuring alignment with business goals for scalable, sustainable growth.  


You will gain a comprehensive understanding of AI's current state, discover innovative approaches for leading AI initiatives within your organisations, and develop strategic frameworks for AI-enhanced L&D. 


It also offers an in-depth look at ethical AI use in L&D, building AI-ready infrastructures, and developing AI skills within teams, aiming to improve learning outcomes, optimise L&D operations, and navigate AI transformation effectively.


AI Readiness 

Provides you with guidance, support, and understanding of how to prepare for successful AI deployments within your function or organisation.

Carefully designed after three years of research in the practical application of AI within organisations. 

Practically Applying AI in L&D 

Empowering you with the knowledge and tools to practically apply AI effectively.

This hands-on, interactive session aims to demystify AI, showcasing its practical applications across areas such as content creation, operational efficiency, and the development of personalised and adaptive learning experiences. 

Tailor-made for your organisation's DNA


Our bespoke AI workshops are meticulously designed to align with your organisation's needs, objectives, and context. Whether you're seeking to enhance the capabilities of your entire Talent function, understand the future of AI in learning & and performance, or focus on developing select team members, our bespoke workshops offer a personalised approach to meet your unique goals and challenges around AI. 

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