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Developing AI-Enabled Learning Solutions Workshop

This intensive, hands-on workshop is designed for content creators and learning and performance professionals. It will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI in creating customised learning experiences and content. The workshop covers a range of topics, from understanding AI fundamentals in the context of learning to practical applications for designing AI-driven learning and performance programs. This workshop also addresses the ethical considerations and best practices in AI content creation, ensuring that learning solutions are not only effective but also responsible and inclusive.

Below is a range of benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Enhance your understanding of AI applications in learning and development.

  • Gain practical skills for designing and creating AI-based educational programs.

  • Learn to effectively integrate AI tools and practices into the designing and creating learning experiences.

  • Stay ahead of the curve in AI-driven learning innovations.

  • Understand ethical implications and best practices in using AI tools and processes in the creation process. 

  • Improve employee learning outcomes through personalised AI experiences.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone working as a content creator and developer.


  • Jonathan Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist - LPI


  • 3 hours 


  • £345 + VAT

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