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AI Readiness for
​Suppliers Workshop

An interactive, dynamic AI workshop specifically tailored for suppliers in Learning and Performance. Delving deep into communicating effectively with your clients about AI technologies and your products. We concentrate on essential aspects such as understanding your customers' unique needs for AI, framing the right questions to uncover these needs, and guiding them through the transformative journey of adopting AI. Additionally, the workshop provides invaluable insights into our recommendations and advice to internal L&D teams when they engage with suppliers like you. This program is not just about enhancing your sales techniques; it's about forging lasting relationships with your clients by aligning AI solutions with their strategic objectives and helping them navigate the complexities and challenges of AI adoption in a learning environment.

Below is a range of benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Affirm or re-affirm your understanding of AI and the core terminology used

  • Gain a good understanding of what GenAI is and, specifically,  how it relates to L&D

  • Build awareness and understanding of the 10 core L&D focus areas to consider when looking to prepare you, your teams or your functions for an AI solution

  • Walk away with clear actions across the 10 core areas that you can do straight away to prepare your team and function for AI.

  • Build confidence to talk about AI, AI solutions and what you need to consider back in your organisation.

  • Be able to consider how AI will impact your function and your current solutions, enabling a forward-thinking approach to AI, not reactive. 

  • To bring a sense of understanding to AI and to answer questions that you may have.

Who is this for?

  • Suppliers of AI Learning Solutions


  • Jonathan Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist - LPI


  • 3 hours 


  • £345 + VAT

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