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AI Ethics and Responsible Use in L&D Workshop

Centred on exploring the crucial aspects of ethical considerations, transparency, and accountability in the use of AI within Learning and performance environments. This workshop aims to educate the L&D professional about the importance of ethical practices in AI applications, ensuring that AI is used fairly and responsibly. You will delve into the principles of AI ethics, including data privacy, bias mitigation, and ethical dcision-making, as well as focusing on maintaining transparency and accountability in AI-driven L&D initiatives, fostering trust and integrity in using AI.

Below is a range of benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Gain insights into the ethical implications of AI in the learning and HR sectors.

  • Develop a framework for implementing AI responsibly in your Learning and Performance function.

  • Enhance your ability to identify and mitigate AI biases.

  • Learn best practices for maintaining transparency in AI operations across Learning and Performance.

  • Understand how to navigate legal and regulatory aspects of AI use within Learning and Performance.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone working as an L&D professional who is planning to implement an AI solution.


  • Jonathan Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist - LPI


  • 3 hours 


  • £345 + VAT

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