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AI and Learning Strategy Workshop

Designed to assist learning professionals and decision-makers in understanding how to effectively integrate AI technologies into their learning and performance operations and strategic planning. The aim is to ensure that AI adoption aligns with and supports the organisation's overall business goals, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, decision-making, and employee experience. The main focus is on demonstrating how AI can be leveraged to optimise business processes, drive innovation, and align to the flow of work.

Below is a range of benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Gain insights into the strategic integration of AI in business processes.

  • Learn to align AI initiatives with organisational objectives.

  • Develop skills to overcome challenges in AI adoption and integration

  • Understand the ethical considerations and regulatory compliance in AI usage.

  • Acquire tools for measuring and maximising AI's ROI.

  • Enhance your capability to lead AI-related transformations in your organisation.

Who is this for?

  • Learning & Proformance Leaders  & Managers


  • Jonathan Fletcher, Chief AI Strategist - LPI


  • 3 hours 


  • £345 + VAT

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